FI-light comes on when wet

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FI-light comes on when wet

Inläggav Matts » 01 sep 2019, 13:23

Just bought my third XX, a 2006, with low milage.
I owned my last XX in 2005.

After having owned this one just a week I drove in heavy rain, stopped for gas and when I turned it on the FI-light wouldn´t go out.

The bike ran just fine so I got home.

After a lot of googling I found a thread that claimed that the service connector that is used to check the wiring when assembled was the problem.
The solution is to do a loom of the connectors in this connector.

However, the solution referred to XX´s from 1999-2000 and they are supposed to have a 20-pin plug with 19 wires but mine only has 10.
Did the loom anyway and thought the problem was solved but today when I washed my bike the FI-light came on again!

Have done the diagnostic procedure without getting any fault codes, taken apart all connectors under the saddle and the rear area, cleaned them as well as the ECM, put connector grease put them together and the light is still on!

Can someone, please, tell me what the heck is the problem?
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