[How to] release a stuck floatneedle

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[How to] release a stuck floatneedle

Inläggav YO » 16 nov 2006, 01:07

Hi Birdies,

Sometimes, due to dirt, rust or not riding for a while, the float needle valve can be stuck causing excess fuel to be admitted to the float chamber resulting petrol overflow through the overflow tubes.

In most cases this can be solved by tapping with a screwdriver against the float chamber to release the float needle. Also a good suggestion is, when you have this overflowproblem, to drain the floatchambers by unmouniting the drainscrew and get rid of the dirt and water.

@If this method does not work or occurs often you might have a worn needle or seat or other problems concerning the float chamber



Flat ringspanner A and flat hollow piece of metal B (original Honda tool-set)
Ringspanner 12
Flat bladded screwdriver

Remove the rear mounting bolts of the tank


Pull the rear of each tank trim panel away from the tank to release the lugs from the grommets


Raise the tank at the rear and put B between the tank and the batterybox (there is a space where you can fit B in) Slide A (through the hole at the rear of the tank)into B resulting in a secure work-position


Look beneath the tank. You see two tubes (arrows) Those are the overflow tubes. One tube for carbs 1 and 2 and the other for carbs 3 and 4.
Ascertain which tube overflows and follow it to the carbs.(1&2 or 3&4)


Place a screwdriver on the floatchamber (bottom carbs) and tap slightly with a hammer on the chamber at several places. Repeat this proces by the other carb if you don’t get a petrolflowstop after a restart

Tap not too soft and not to hard (you can cover the blade of the screwdriver with a piece of cloth to prevent it from scratching). Your floatneedle is released when the petrol overflow stops


To prevent this overflowproblem regularly is to drain the floatchambers by unmouniting the drainscrew and get rid of the dirt and water.

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Inläggav Hasse » 16 nov 2006, 22:06

Carburretor?? What is thet? I thought that was a long forgotten invention from the last iceage.... :shock: :lol: :lol:

Thenks a lot YO, for this educational post.
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