Checking and Adjusting Valve Clearance?

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Checking your valve-clearance?

according to the maintenance schedule
according to my own schedule
I never check my valve clearance
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Checking and Adjusting Valve Clearance?

Inläggav YO » 03 dec 2006, 10:53

Hi Sverige-Birdies,

According to the maintenance schedule valves need to be checked at 16000 miles (24000km)

Often bij checking the valves no adjustment is needed. Some BB pilots check at 24000 miles (36000km) and some pilots never check the clearance.

My BB has run 43000 km and I had my last checking at 24000km.

So I check them again at 48000 km. just to be sure...

What is your schedule?
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Inläggav Hasse » 03 dec 2006, 22:25

Hello again.

Just as you I had my valve clearance checked according to the schedule at 24000 km:s and I´m to big a coward to just don´t let them check them again at 48000 km:s
The Bird has got about 42000 km on the clock at this moment so just as for you it is soon to come.
But for the moment, althuogh the weather is unusually warm for the season here way up north, the Bird is in it´s nest :shock: :D so I would think it will pass the 48000 km barrier sometimes next summer.
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